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The SLC is a very busy part of the school with lots of our pupils accessing the many sensory activities that we offer.


Sensology is an enjoyable way to awaken the seven sensory systems contained in the body, nervous system and brain. A sensology workout is just like the warm up an athlete follows before a race or a game.

Before moving at full speed, he wakens his body with a series of exercises so it is ready for action. During our workout different activities are used to awaken each individual sense.

Colour Bags

Colour bags is very similar to tac pac. It is an activity which combines touch and music to promote communication and social interaction. The main aims of colour bags are to heighten levels of awareness and communication.

Pupils use PECS cards or real objects to choose which objects they would like to work with and which body parts they would like massaged (Hands or Feet).

Sensory Story

Sensory stories are stories which involve some or all of our children’s senses. Story telling is an important part of human life. We all love to hear and to tell stories.

We create different atmospheres  with sounds, lighting and our voices. Our children need sensory experiences to accompany the words of a story. Words disappear quickly but objects remain. Objects give children the opportunity to be part of the story. They can be engaged with the object. Objects can be linked to an action. The action can help recall.

Sensory stories promote enjoyment!


Atmospherics uses a combination of music, colour, fragrance and fabrics to stimulate the senses within a relaxed environment. It is through the primary senses of sight, sound, touch and smell that we are able to learn and develop through interaction with the environment. Our atmospherics sessions change theme every half term. We have new smells and new music depending on the theme.

Functional Reflex Therapy 

Functional Reflex Therapy is a short repetitive routine consisting of a combination of simple relaxation techniques drawn from original theories and the practice of the complementary therapy of Reflexology. Delivered with flowing linking moves using hand, finger and thumb movements to specific reflex points and areas on the feet and lower leg or hand and forearm .